Where to buy quality solar leads in Australia

If you're looking to buy quality solar leads, look no further. Here we'll tell you where to find the best leads, and how to make the most out of them.

February 2, 2023
If you're looking to buy quality solar leads, look no further. Here we'll tell you where to find the best leads, and how to make the most out of them.
Lucian Wu
Lucian Wu

If you are a solar company that is just starting out in the Australian solar industry, it is important to buy online solar leads in order to minimise risk and get the most out of your marketing budget. Not all leads are created equal, and buying leads from a reputable source can make a big difference in the number of sales leads you're able to close.

This article will go through where you can buy the highest quality leads that have been vetted, why you should be leads, how to make the most out of your leads and alternative ways to generate residential solar sales.

Where can you buy solar leads?

Solar leads can often be bought from a lead generation company. These companies specialise in generating leads for businesses in a variety of industries, including solar. However, to get the best solar leads, you'll want to make sure that you're dealing with a reputable lead generation company that specialises in the solar industry.

Here are a few of the biggest solar lead generation companies in Australia.


Solar Quotes logo

SolarQuotes is a popular Australian solar company that provides free solar quotes for solar panel installation, expert advice about solar and contains a large database for solar reviews. SolarQuotes was founded in 2009 by Finn Peacock and has since helped over 600,000 households switch to solar power.

Customers first complete an online questionnaire about their solar requirements and contact information. SolarQuotes uses their database to match 3 Australian solar companies which match the customer's needs. It is then your turn to contact the customer and follow up on the qualified lead.

SolarQuotes charges their 'Solar Only' leads for $45 + GST, and commercial leads go up to $150. You can also nominate a cap on how many leads you want per month, and can pause your account at any time.

An advantage is that you have the option to reject leads if you believe the lead is not purchasing within the next 12 months.

Whilst seemingly a pricier option, they may be able to generate high quality solar leads based on their qualifying process and the types of customers they attract.

Solar Calculator

Solar Calculator logo

Solar Calculator is another Australian solar website that educates customers about the benefits of solar power, and has a useful solar calculator where customers can calculate the cost of installing a solar system on their home as well as the estimated savings they could make.

Customers also have an option of getting free quotes for installers that best match their requirements in their local area. The team at Solar Calculator will contact the customer further qualify the lead, before sending their information to up to 3 installers.

Solar Calculator charges $30 + GST per solar lead. They do not have a joining fee or lock in contract, and you are able to customise leads based on service area and limit the amount of leads you want.

Solar Calculator is considered a reliable and reputable source for solar information, and they are competitively priced against other companies.

Solar Choice

Solar choice logo

Solar Choice is another solar website that offers free solar quotes, solar panel comparisons and installation advice.

Customers get a free quote by completing an online form with their contact details and energy usage information. Customers are then given an anonymous comparison of 7 installers and pick their top 3. Solar Choice will contact the customer and screens the lead again, and sends the customer's details to your company if you are chosen.

Demo of how Solar Choice sends installer comparison to customers
Demo of Solar Choice's installer comparison that is sent to customers who request a quote

There are no sign up fees or lock in contracts, and they also get access to their free CRM to track your leads.

We tried contacting Solar Choice for a quote on how much they charge solar installers per cost of lead, however they were not open about sharing their costs publicly.

Energy Matters

Energy Matters logo

Energy Matters offers a wide range of services to help customers switch to solar power, including free solar quotes, system design and installation advice. Customers get a free quote by completing an online form with their contact and energy usage details. This information is sent to up to 3 local installers which meet their requirement.

Energy Matters also does not disclose their costs publicly.

Your Solar Quotes

Your Solar Quotes logo

Your Solar Quotes is another Australian solar company that offers 3 free quotes to customers that enter their details into a form.

Your Solar Quotes offers an online portal where you can manage your leads, set the daily or weekly cap on the number of leads, your service area and has no lock-in contract or minimum spend. They also offer a free trial for their lead generation service for solar companies.

We also tried contacting Your Solar Quotes, but they also did not share their cost per lead.

Alternative place to buy quality leads

An alternative place where you can consider buying leads is through Facebook. With Facebook Lead Ads, companies can create clickable pop up forms that contain custom questions. Once the form is submitted, the customer's information goes directly to the company. There is no middle man and companies can access exclusive leads unlike solar lead generation services who deliver leads several solar installers.

A screenshot of Facebook lead ad example

However, getting in touch with those who are really interested in purchasing a solar panel system may be challenging. Many people may simply be looking around for quotes. The cost of each lead is potentially lost as a result of this.

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Why buy qualified solar leads instead of generating your own leads?

There are a few key reasons why it makes sense to buy solar leads rather than generating your own sales leads.

1. You'll minimise your risk

If you are an Australian solar installer just starting out, buying solar leads is less risky and costly than generating your own. Generating your own leads takes a lot of time and effort, and you need to carefully think about ads, SEO marketing and generating website content. As a result, buying leads will allow you to see a ROI in a faster time period.

2. You'll save time in getting the highest quality solar leads

When you buy solar leads, you're essentially paying for a list of people who have expressed interest in solar and are ready to purchase a solar energy system. This is valuable because it allows you to focus your marketing efforts on people who are ready to invest in solar energy. These leads will be more likely to convert into customers, saving you time and energy in the sales process.

3. You can target a specific demographic looking to get solar power

When you buy leads, you can choose to target a specific demographic that you think would be interested in your service. For example, this could be service area that you're trying to install solar in.

How to make the most out of your solar leads

When you buy qualified leads, it's important to make the most out of them. Here are a few tips to help you close more sales and grow your business.

1. Follow up quickly

Once you get a lead, it's important to follow up as soon as possible. Leads from a lead generation service may not always be exclusive, so the sooner you can reach out, the better chance you have of closing the sale. If you wait too long, the customer may lose interest or find another company to do business with. Make sure you have a system in place for promptly following up with leads.

2. Qualify your leads

Not all leads are created equal - some will be more ready to invest in solar than others. Make sure you qualify your leads so that you're only spending time on those that are most likely to convert.

3. Nurture your leads

Even if a lead isn't ready to buy now, they may be interested in solar down the road. Make sure you nurture your leads so that they stay warm and continue to be interested in your service.

4. Keep track of your ROI

It's important to track the return on investment for your solar lead generation campaigns so you can see how effective they are. Doing this will help you fine tune your campaigns and make the most out of your leads.

5. Use a CRM

A CRM (customer relationship management) software can help you keep track of your leads and customers, as well as automate some of your sales processes. This can be a valuable tool for growing your business and keeping track of your lead conversion rates.

You can also consider Pylon or OpenSolar. They are both great software to work with and could be an intermediate step before using a full on CRM.

When you buy solar leads, it's important to work with a reputable lead generation company and to make the most out of your leads. By following up quickly, qualifying your leads, and nurturing them, you can close more sales and grow your business. Keep track of your return on investment so you can fine tune your campaigns and make the most out of your solar leads.

Alternative ways to generate your own sales leads

If you've read through this article and you still want to find out alternatives to buying high quality leads, let's consider some low to high cost options below.

Low cost options

1. Cold calling

Cold calling is when you call someone who doesn't know your company. It can be a numbers game, but if you're prepared with a dynamic script, it can be another way to generate leads. However, be sure to follow the rules set by the Telemarketing Industry Standard, otherwise customers may feel incredibly frustrated with cold calls.

2. Door knocking

Door knocking can help to generate leads if you're targeting homeowners. It can be time-consuming, but it's a personal way to introduce yourself and your company.

3. Cold email outreach

Cold emailing is when you send an unsolicited email to someone. It can be another numbers game, but if you're prepared with a well-written email, it can be a way to generate leads. However, make sure your email doesn't come across as spammy, or you may end up in the recipient's junk folder.

Longer term investments

1. SEO Marketing

If you're willing to invest in online marketing, SEO can be a great way to generate leads. It's a long-term strategy, but it can be worth it if you're able to rank for relevant keywords and bring traffic to your website.

2. Content generation

Emails, blog posts, social media posts - all of these can be used as content marketing to generate leads. By providing helpful and informative content, you can attract leads that are interested in what you have to say.

3. Email lists

A great way to generate leads is to build an email list. You can do this by offering a freebie in exchange for an email address, or by running a giveaway. Once you have a list of email addresses, you can reach out to your leads with news, updates, and special offers.


While there are a number of ways to generate leads on your own, you may also want to consider purchasing solar leads from a lead generation company. Buying solar leads can be a great way to jumpstart your sales process and connect with potential customers. 

When you're considering purchasing solar leads, be sure to work with a reputable lead generation company and follow up quickly. By qualifying your leads and nurturing them, you can close more solar sales and grow your business. Keep track of your return on investment so you can fine-tune your campaigns and make the most out of your solar leads.

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