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Get a website for your solar panel company that will create a ton of new leads per month.

We’ll transform your website into an automated sales machine that doesn’t sleep.

3 website designs by Creative Nurds stacked upon eachother
Solar Proof
Renewable Energy World
Eastern Innovation
Top Property
Energy Source and Distribution
Renew Economy
Pylon Observer
Solar Calculator
Victorian Cleantech Cluster

Are you frustrated with a website that fails to convert visitors into leads and customers?

It's just money down the drain when your website is not delivering the leads that you're looking for.

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Do you struggle to track and measure the performance of your website and make data-driven decisions?

Having accurate website metrics is crucial to understand how your website is performing and how to improve it. Without proper tracking, you may be missing out on valuable insights and opportunities.

Do you feel like your competitor's websites look more professional?

You don’t want to admit it, but there’s a competitor’s website that is pretty much what you’re after.

3 website designs by Creative Nurds stacked on top of eachother

Creative Nurds is the only specialist design agency that helps renewable energy companies

Our list of clients are all in renewable energy, and all want to reduce carbon emissions one step at a time.

Urban Renewables
Generate Energy
Jet Solar
Beam Solar
EIS Solutions
Formosa Electrics
Evergreen Electrical
All about solar
One team Energy
Sunscape Solar
Go Sunny
We Wire Solar

Is it worth the risk in hiring a generalist to design your brand new website?

You wouldn't ask a family doctor to operate on your brain.
Or see a dentist for your heart.

Hi, I'm Lucian

I am passionate fighting climate change.

Unfortunately, since 2011, over 800 solar installation companies have gone bankrupt.

This is often due to using poor quality equipment and hiring underqualified staff.

However, this bad reputation seeped into the industry and also affected the good ones.

This is why I am dedicated to helping solar companies that are ethical, hardworking and proud of their work.

I want to help these companies stand out and continue to expand.

Lucian Wu Profile Transparent Background

When is it a good time to invest in a new solar website?

  • Your website is not generating enough traffic or leads.
  • Your current website feels outdated and does not reflect your current branding or message.
  • You want to target a new type of customer.
  • Your business has changed or expanded, and your website needs to reflect that.
  • Your competitors have updated their websites, and you want to stay competitive.
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Improve credibility and visibility while reducing lead acquisition costs

Most websites are difficult to navigate and confusing to understand. Don't make yours the same.

When your customers understand how you're different and how your're able to help them overcome their problem, you'll come out ahead.

Your website will be customer-focused, results driven while looking great

Your new website will be focused on your customer first. Who are they? What are their pain points? What’s stopping them from getting solar?

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Easy maintenance after launch

All our websites are built with Webflow. So this means you don’t get the annoying update requests for plugins and Wordpress itself every month.

Even the most non-tech savvy users can update images and add content.

Some of what our customers say

"We are blown away at the difference the new website is already making within our business"

Luke O'Connor

Luke O'Connor

"Fantastic service"

Troy Fox

Troy Fox

"Thorough and gave really great insight"

Joseph Koning

Joseph Koning

"Proven results and being successful not only in sales"

Jason Dickinson

Jason Dickinson

"Saved our admin team significant time by avoiding repetitive data entry"

Melanie Leighton

Melanie Leighton

"I now feel like I have a competitive advantage against my competitors because I now understand my customers."

Leigh Lo-Nigro

Leigh Lo-Nigro

Some of our work

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