EIS Solutions Case Study: How a new website drove tons of new leads

Results for our client

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Number of leads increased by 189%

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Cost per lead decreased 27%

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Time spent on site increased by 72%

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Conversion rate increased by 5.2%

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#1 Solar installer on Solarquotes

EISS is rated #1 on SolarQuotes, and specialise in residential solar systems in Queensland.

They have over 200+ 5 star ratings on Solarquotes with an average rating of 4.99 / 5.

Not only are they the top installer in Queensland, they are top of the rankings in the whole of Australia.

Quality assurance is their #1 priority. They prefer to grow slowly rather than compromise their quality of work.

EISS needed help to continue growing

With their growth, EISS found that their online presence did not reflect who they were.

They have always wanted to update their website as customers didn’t have a good way to get in touch with them.

Due to the lack of website, EISS’ digital profile was not matching and Google had a difficult time ranking them in search results.EISS needed to establish a solid website consistent with their current branding and highlight their position as a highly reputable solar installation company.

We wanted to create several points for CTA and a seamless experience for customers to get in contact and get a quote from EISS.

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Graphical depiction of a slow website, including a 404 error page, a triangle yellow warning sign and a not mobile friendly warning

Results of a new website

Since the launch of EISS’ website, we have seen great success for the website in terms of bringing in more customers and increasing lead conversion.

We have found visitors spending more time on the site by 72%, and increased the number of leads for EISS by 189% as customers were funnelling into their survey and contact page.

In the past few months alone, EISS’ conversion rate has increased by 5.2%, assisting in decreasing their cost per lead by 27%.

By working with Creative Nurds, EISS has been able to realise their full online potential by increasing the number of leads and potential customers coming through from their website.

"Lucian is so knowledgeable and ensures he is only offering something that will be of value to your business personally.
Lucian gave us insights on how to make the website work best for us and honestly we are blown away at the difference it is already making within our business.
We couldn't be happier with our decision to have Creative Nurds design our website for us."

Luke O'Connor

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