One page Solar Template

Are you looking to just get started with a website for your solar company?

You want something that looks good, has been proven to generate sales, and doesn't take long to set up.

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Design is based on successful company

The design for Solar Future is based on the one-page website I built for This is what Jetsolar's website looks like.

As a result of the website redesign, their conversion rate increased by almost 200%.

The structure of the one-page template also follows very closely to the article I wrote on how to structure your home page.


Specialising in a niche is something I heavily advocate for. If you are finding that your message gets diluted and you’re not generating enough leads, there is a chance you are spreading yourself too thin. 

My suggestion is to focus on one specific area of the market, understand their problems better than your competitors, and focus all your marketing efforts on that particular niche. 

This is the crux of the Solar Future template. 

Solar Future represents a company that specialises in delivering solar for double-storey homes only. The company knows about the complexity and pitfalls of solar for double-storey homes better than all their competitors. All the imagery and branding on the website is focused on these clients only. 

Your speciality can be whatever you want:

  • Tin roofs
  • Terracotta tiled roofs
  • Single storey homes
  • Primary schools
  • Shopping centres
  • Office buildings

Pick a specialty. Dominate the market and watch your sales grow.

Pain Points

As per my article on homepage anatomy, follow the WISE model.

You don’t need features and benefits. 

Features and benefits don’t sell. Instead, find out what your customers’ pain points are.

Now articulate them. 

Show empathy. Show you understand your customers better than your competition. 

The Solar Future template does this as soon as the visitor scrolls down.

Social Proof

Social Proof comes in many different forms and is littered across the whole page.

The goal of social proof is to reduce the perceived risk in your visitor’s eyes.

When they can see that others have used your services and have gained significant value out of it, they will more likely choose you to help them solve their problem.


This is an area showing how long Solar Future has been in business. The longer a company has been in business, the less risky it seems.


Not all testimonials are the same.

The best ones paint a picture of “before and after”. What problem they had before, and how your company solved their problem. 

In addition, testimonials with a photo add much more credibility compared to testimonials without a photo.

The testimonials on the template are all made up. It is just a placeholder for your real testimonials to go in. 

Projects all over Australia

This section gives a glimpse of all the projects you have been involved in.

It is important to note that all the imagery shown in this section are of double-storey homes. 

This is further reinforcing the specialty that the company is showing.

Partners and Accreditations

This section is optional. It really depends on your real partners and your real accreditations. 

Call to Action

The form on the page is relatively simple.

We try not to ask too many questions because the more fields the form has, the lower the chance of your visitor submitting the form. 

In fact, you may want to remove the “Phone Number” field altogether.

Getting the template

Do you already have a webflow account already? If yes, go straight to step 8.

If not, follow these steps.

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